About Us

We are a goup of film enthusiasts, who call ourselves "FilmFreaks".

The group was formed in 2012, shortly after we finished a Film course at the VHS in München, Germany. We made a short film during the course and we enjoyed it so much, that we decided to continue making films and other video-based material.

Over the past four years, we have produced three short films, two music videos,  two advertisements, a Ballet performance DVD, five "About Me" Showreel videos and we are currently editing yet another Short Film, to be released in 2016.

Our Service

Do you want to create multi-media content, but you don't have the equipment, experience or time to do it yourself?

We could help you out! Just drop us an email, describing your requirements, and we'll get back to you with a proposal.

Our Philosophy

The FilmFreaks is an "open" group, which means that anyone can join us, as long as you are as passionate about Filmmaking, as we are!

We love telling stories in a visually captivating manner and we are constantly learning how to do this in more creative ways.

If you have stories to tell, or the interest and skills to tell them, may it be through writing scripts,  acting or filming, then we want to hear from you!


04.11.2016 - Kressbronn

We are porting this website over to our new website at http://www.quasi-fictional.com

12.02.2016 - Kressbronn

The Hitchhiker has completed it's festival run and we are very pleased that it was shown at 7 film festivals in 6 different countries!

11.10.2015 - Munich

Birmingham, Alabama on the 29th, Munich, Germany on the 30th and Beeston, UK on the 31st of October 2015! The Hitchhiker will be very busy during Halloween this year!

15.07.2015 - Munich

We are happy to announce that our film will be screened at the Cannes Short Film Festival, 1 - 4 September 2015! This is another great reward for all the work, that the actors and crew put into the creation of this film. A great big THANK YOU once again! We hope to see some of you in Cannes!!! Follow the link for more info:  https://filmfreeway.com/festival/CannesShortFilmFestival

29.05.2015 - Kressbronn

We've been working hard to promote "The Hitchhiker", by applying at film festivals world-wide and our efforts are starting to pay off...

Great News! We are happy to announce that our film will be shown at the Berlin Short Film Festival, running from 2 - 6 July 2015. We will keep you posted with the exact date and time. For more information, please visit their website: http://www.berlinshort.com/en/

See you in Berlin!

03.02.2015 - Kressbronn

We've started editing work on a Black Comedy Short Film from Anne Alexander Sieder, called "A Bavarian Holiday", directed by Laura Thies and filmed by Stefan Tesar. We will keep you updated on the progress...

05.11.2014 - Munich

Great News! The Hitchhiker has been chosen to screen at the Kino-Ich Film Festival in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico! The 4th International Film Festival runs from 12-15 November 2014. Our film is one of 18 short films in the International Fiction category, competing with films from Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Russia, France and the USA. For more information, please visit their website: www.fickino-ich.com

17.06.2014 - Kressbronn

Just got back from a week-long trip to South-Eastern Turkey, visiting some very interesting archaeological and sacred sites. We will be making a travel documentary with lots of comments, lectures and scenes from theses amazing sites. Stay tuned...

30.05.2014 - Kressbronn

The post-production work on The Hitchhiker has been completed! The private Test-Screening in Munich went very well and we are grateful for all the good feedback we got.  We will now start sending the short film to film festivals across the globe. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

06.05.2014 - Kressbronn

The post-production work on The Hitchhiker is now almost complete. The soundtrack is in the process of  being composed by Ralf Gröbel and some minor adjustments are being made to normalize the audio and  color-grade the video. There will be a Test-Screening in Munich on the 16th of May and then we will decide on the final release date.  We'll keep you informed!

05.05.2014 - Munich

We are proud to anounce the completion of another advertisement! This teaser was for Hanna Schlau's latest Ballet production "Don Quichote" that will be performed in Fischbach on the 18th of May 2014. Please have a look at the trailer here.

18.04.2014 - Kressbronn

We just finished the production of an advertisement for Becoacht! After two longs days of filming (in Neufahrn and Tettnang) and a few weeks of post-production, we were pleased to release the advertisent in the form of an inspiring short story written and directed by Colin Sygiel. Please read more  and have a look at it here.

07.02.2014 - Kressbronn

We will have two official Trailers for "The Hitchhiker" short film, so go and have a look at them by clicking here. You can also have a look and comment on the trailers, on our Facebook page. We are still in Post production with the Film and enjoy every minute of it! We'll keep you updated with the final release date.

11.01.2014 - Kressbronn

The post production work on The Hitchhiker Short Film is coming along nicely. We are done with the rough cut and started working on finer video and audio details in the mean time. All those days out in the winter cold paid off, looking at the results so far... ! Thanks again to the actors and crew for making this project possible. More news and maybe a trailer will follow soon! A blessed 2014 to everyone.

02.12.2013 - Kressbronn

Become a friend of "The Hitchhiker" Short Film on StartNext.de and stand the chance to win the Film's iconic hourglass!

We are happy to announce that "The Hitchhiker" Short Film Project is now listed on the StartNext.de Crowd Funding website. With the help of all you wonderful people out there, we hope to finance the production of this thrilling story. Please tell all your friends and family members about our Project. The more support we get, the more amazing this Film will become.

01.12.2013 - Kressbronn

We shot the first scenes of  "The Hitchhiker" this past weekend! The weather was cold, but luckily sunny for the graveyard scene. We also had two indoors scenes and the actors did an amazing job. We will be shooting at least three weekends in a row in December 2013. There is still a lot of preparation work to be done, but the team is great.

27.11.2013 - Kressbronn

Looking forward to shooting the Promotional video and also some of the first scenes of "The Hitchhiker" over the weekend! We'll be posting pictures and maybe give you a little peek "behind the scenes", later on...

24.11.2013 - Munich

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the casting last week and/or sent their videos to us. The decision was much harder than we thought, but we finally made up our minds. We have informed the "chosen ones" already and we'll meet with them today. There has also been some further developments regarding the characters, but we don't want to spoil the surprise! Now that the cast and crew have been decided, filming should commence within the next couple of weeks!

14.11.2013 - Munich

Only two days to go before the second audition for "The Hitchhiker" short film will take place in Munich! We are very excited to meet all those, who applied and got invited to the casting. To all who were invited, but can't make it to Munich, please send us your video asap! The final cast for the film will be decided on Sunday. Good Luck!

8.11.2013 - Kressbronn

We had a very productive day, scouting for suitable locations to shoot "The Hitchhiker". We found a nice long tunnel in Austria and a highway rest area close to the border, that should work fine. Next on our scouting list is a nice flat and an old graveyard... any ideas?
It should be around southern Germany or Austria. If we use the place that you suggested, then we will put your name in the Credits of the film!

31.10.2013 - Kressbronn

We are still looking for Sponsors to help fund the filming and overheads of this Short Film Project. If you would like to contribute and have your name in the Credits of the Film, then please help us with a Donation. In return, you will receive a link to watch "The Hitchhiker" short film for FREE, once it's done!
If you want to contribute, please click here.

28.10.2013 - Munich

We had a casting yesterday and were very impressed by the skills of those who came. A great big THANKS to all of you! There will be another casting on the 16th of November 2013. We haven't answered all the emails yet, since they are still pouring in, but we will do so over the next few days... To all of you who were invited, but couldn't come, we look forward to seeing you on the 16th!

23.10.2013 - Kressbronn

The script is now 98% done. Next up is the storyboard, but first we need to find some actors. We are looking for:

1 x male actor (~40) as the main character, 1 x male actor (~25) as the Hitchhiker, 2 x male actors (~20) as students, 1 x actress (~35) as the main character's wife

and another actress (~20] as the girl friend of one of the students.

Filming will be the first two Weekends of December in Munich and/or the Bodensee area. Castings ar eplanned in Munich on the 27th of October 2013 and the 16th of November 2013. Please let us know if you are interested in playing one of the characters. We look forward to hearing from you!

7.10.2013 - Kressbronn

We have just begun writing the script for a new short film called: "The Hitchhiker"

It is going to be a Consiosness Thriller about a businessman, who realizes that he has got to get his priorities straight, when he is confronted with humanity’s most cardinal fear, the fear of dying!

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