The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker 2013 - A Short Film

Genre: Consciousness Thriller

Directed by: Ignacio Moncayo and Fivaz Buys

Written by: Ignacio Moncayo and Fivaz Buys

Produced by: FilmFreaks and Stefan Tesar

Status: Ready for Release

Completion Date: May 2014

Festival Screenings: Kino-Ich, Villahermosa, Mexico, Nov'14

Berlin Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, July'15

Starring: J. David Hinze, Manuel Frederick, Hanna Schlau, Sarita Bradley,

Oliver Troska, Marc Sieder, Felix Mazzei, Sandro Mazzei


The Hitchhiker is a story about a person who seems to have it all, but appearances can be deceiving and deep inside, Mark Seymore knows that his life needs to take another direction, but what will it take for him to change his ways?

Plot Outline

After more than 25 years in pursuit of his deceased brother's dream, Mark Seymore has lost the joy of life. One day, on his way to a business meeting, Mark picked up a hitchhiker and this turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life, or was it?

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